Velocity’s Learn to Skate Program has been designed for players 3 years of age and up.  “If you do not know how to skate or are just starting out, this is the program for you!”

6:1 Student to Instructor Ratio – Insures each student gets the most individualized instruction possible. 

Program uses Velocity’s unique teaching tools to help beginning skaters improve their:

1.  Balance
2.  Edge work
3.  Posture
4.  Stride Technique
5.  Confidence
6.  Holding the Stick
7.  Proper playing gear
8.  Getting up and down off the ice.

The Program is all about getting these kids on the ice for the first time and experiencing that true joy of skating and hockey. Please note that we do require full hockey equipment for our Learn to Skate Program. This includes stick, gloves, helmet, shin pads, elbow pads, etc... 





2019 Velocity Learn To Skate June/July EP

Date Time Location
June 10th 10:35-11:35am EP Velocity
June 12th 10:35-11:35am EP Velocity
June 17th 10:35-11:35am EP Velocity
June 19th 10:35-11:35am EP Velocity
June 24th 10:35-11:35am EP Velocity
June 26th 10:35-11:35am EP Velocity
July 8th 10:35-11:35am EP Velocity
July 10th 10:35-11:35am EP Velocity

2019 Velocity Hockey Learn to Skate Program June/July

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