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Eden Prairie Location

    VelocityHockey Velocity Hockey Center South 952.937.0949 VelocityHockey

    2019 MEA Skills Clinics

    These clinics is designed for players who are looking to improve or maintain their skills over a holiday vacation. In these sessions, players will be instructed being shown good technique, going through quality repetitions and being provided positive feedback thus enhancing their ability to succeed.

    This clinic will consist of a instructor/player ratio of 1 to 5 totaling 3 instructors and 15 players per group. The small group atmosphere will enable players to get many quality repetitions as well as quality instruction. The clinic will take place Oct. 17th at the Velocity Hockey Center in Eden Prairie.

    Players will work on the following Hockey Skills:

    Edge Work

    Catch and Pass Shooting
    Shooting in Motion
    Stationary Shooting

    Stationary & While skating
    Dekes and Fakes
    Transitions around cones.

    Small Area Games:
    3 on 3 hockey
    King of the ring

    Cost: $30.00-$35.00 per player
    Camp Date: Thursday October 17th

    Please call Velocity 952.937.0949 if you have any questions.

    2019-2020 Sunday Super Mite League

    Velocity Hockey 2nd Annual 3 on 3 Sunday SuperMite League in Osseo/Maple Grove is NOW OPEN! This will be our SECOND year of our 3 on 3 League at our NEW location in OSEEO/MAPLE GROVE! We are very excited to bring this exciting league to the northern metro area! 

    This Sunday SuperMite League is designed for the Association based Advanced Mite teams (2nd and 3rd graders).  Teams will have 16 games with games ranging between 1:00pm and 8:00pm (end of last game for the night).

    League is already 3/4 FULL! CALL NOW 952.937.0949