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Eden Prairie 

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    2020 Velocity 3 on 3 Leagues Registration NOW OPEN! 

    The Velocity Hockey Center is proud to announce that we have opened Registration for our very popular 3 on 3 leagues at both of our locations in Eden Prairie and Osseo/Maple Grove. For the past 13 years we have offered the best 3 on 3 Leagues in the state from all youth levels through High School. Our leagues consist of over 100+ teams each season! This has made our leagues a huge success with many of the top associations from around the metro and northern metro participating. Act fast as our Velocity Leagues fill fast thus you don't want to miss out on this great experience.

    2020 3 on 3 Schedule Dates:
    Session I:  Starts in March
    Session II:  Starts in June

    League Format:
    18 League Games plus Playoff Games, 10 (Spring) & 8 (Fall) League Game Schedules Spring and Fall Leagues are combined:

         • Two League Playoff Tournaments
         • Spring Playoff Tournament (June)
         • Fall Playoff Tournament (Late August/Early September)
         • Velocity 3 on 3 Game Jersey
         • Pair of Hockey Socks
         • Updated Daily League Website
         • Team Scores
         • Team Standings
         • LOTS OF FUN!!

    This season will again consist of Eleven (11) age specific leagues. Please look at the following list to find the league that your son or daughter qualifies for.

    1.  Mite AA (ALL 2013 & 2014 birth years)
    2.  Mite AAA (All June-Dec 2011's and all 2012 Birth Years)
    3.  Squirt AA (All 2020-2021 1st Year Squirts)
    4.  Squirt AAA (All 2020-2021 2nd Year Squirts)
    5.  Peewee AA (All 2020-2021 1st Year Peewees)
    6.  Peewee AAA (All 2020-2021 2nd Year Peewees)
    7.  Bantam AA (All 2020-2021 1st Year Bantams)
    8.  Bantam AAA (All 2020-2021 2nd Year Bantams)
    9.   8U (All 2020-2021 8U Girls)
    10. 10U (All 2020-2021 10U Girls)
    11. 12U (All 2020-2021 12U Girls)

    To reserve an entire team spot, a $1470 Non-Refundable deposit is required.

    **Please note if you roster more than 12 players on a team, each individual players cost will be reduced from the original player fee of $490

    All League Registration can be found on the following link:

    We look forward to another great fun and competitive 3 on 3 season!

    Mite AA Registration

    This is for all 2013 & 2014 Birth Year players.

    Squirt AAA Registration

    This is for all 2020-2021 2nd Year Squirt Players.

    Bantam AA Registration

    This is for all 2020-2021 1st Year Bantam Players.

    10U Girls Registration

    This is for all 2020-2021 10U Girls.

    Mite AAA Registration

    This is for all June-Dec 2011's & ALL 2012 Birth Year Players.

    PeeWee AA Registration

    This is for all 2020-2021 1st Year PeeWee Players.

    Bantam AAA Registration

    This is for all 2020-2021 2nd Year Bantam Players.

    8U Girls Registration

    This is for all 2020-2021 8U Girls.

    Squirt AA Registration

    This is for all 2020-2021 1st year Squirt Players.

    PeeWee AAA Registration

    This is for all 2020-2021 2nd Year PeeWee Players.

    12U Girls Registration

    This is for all 2020-2021 12U Girls.

    Holiday Day Skating/Shooting/Stickhandling Clinic

    This clinic is designed for players who are serious about taking their Shooting & Stickhandling abilities to the next level. In this session, players will be instructed being shown good technique, going through quality repetitions and being provided positive feedback thus enhancing their ability to succeed.

    This clinic will consist of a instructor/player ratio of 1 to 5 totaling 3 instructors and 15 players per group. The small group atmosphere will enable players to get many quality repetitions as well as quality instruction. The clinic will take place Dec. 23rd at the Velocity Hockey Center in Eden Prairie.

    Players will work on the following Hockey Skills:

    Edge Work

    Catch and Pass Shooting
    Shooting in Motion
    Stationary Shooting

    Stationary & While skating
    Dekes and Fakes
    Transitions around cones.

    Small Area Games:
    3 on 3 Hockey
    King of the Ring

    Cost: $30.00-$35.00 per player
    Camp Date: Monday, December 23rd

    Please call Velocity 952.937.0949 if you have any questions.